Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Cool Stop Motion Type Stuff

I know we've been looking at a bunch of cool videos and stuff, so I decided to venture out on the interwebs and find some on my own....

215 loafs of Bread (it was found or expired so don't worry, it's recycling)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shepard Fairey

Although Fairey used someone else's image to create a graphic piece of public art, he used what we like to call "creative freedom". Since the limits of this "freedom" are undefined, what he did was completely reasonable. First of all, in the Colbert interview, he mentioned that he did not care about gaining profit from this image. This is very respectable and he should not be looked down upon for transforming this image. He used a standard press image to create a graphic poster/statement without intent of profit. I see nothing wrong with this. Shepard Fairey owns his image and the photographer of the image Shepard Fairey based his piece on owns that image. They are two different pieces. Secondly, in order to create the iconic poster, the original photographer would have needed Shepard Fariey's creative intelligence. The "poster" image Fairey created mimics his personal style. It is not only iconic of Obama's campaign but of Fairey's artwork. There will always be a debate about this. It is near impossible for people to come to one consensus when profit of a image is involved.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Image laws...or not

Reflecting on the TED talk we watched in class about creativity and freedom and the news report about owning your image posted online, I've realized copyright laws need to be revised. There are too many situation that are unaccounted for. There needs to be a consent law put in place. I don't think it is right for an advertising campaign to use a personal photo without the person's consent, even if it's on public internet domain. In addition, editing a copyright photo, transforming it to a completely different visual aesthetic, should not be illegal. However, if that edited photo is then used for corporate advantage or for a particular income, than consent from the initial owner of the unedited version of the photo should be obtained. If the image has no background information and it is near impossible to find the original owner, it should be up for grabs in terms of use. There is an overwhelming amount of personal photos uploaded onto the internet that is unknowingly being used by outside parties. Programs like Photoshop allow people to create new images from something basic. This should not be outlawed. It would be limiting creative freedom. However, it should be regulated.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I had only worked with letters/wording in art a few times so I am still getting used to it! This assignment, however, furthered my understanding of letters as forms sometimes with and sometimes without meaning.

The first piece I did was a representational composition. I traced the contour lines of a photo, edited slightly, and lined each path with a letter. I changed the font size of the letters and overlapped paths in order to make certain lines stand out more, flow more nicely, or create density.

This piece is based off of the artist we looked at in class, David Carson. He used letters as forms and ordered different words or letters in order to make an interesting composition. This is a quote by Salvador Dali, "Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it". The first phrase phrase of the sentence I repeated to show the obsessiveness of someone who only tries for perfection. With the rest of the quote, each word got bigger and more pronounced leaving the last word "it" as the largest. By doing this, the last part of the quote, seems more pronounced and important, and you can feel the message rather than just reading it.

With this abstract design, I tried to focus on the letters as forms and play with layering and opacity in order to create depth within the shapes. The lines that move between the swirled shapes are simple "I"'s layered with different opacities to create an illusionistic line. The swirls are layers and layers of random letters in different opacities.

With my 6 word bio, I wanted to use some expressive qualities of the words while also creating an interesting composition fitting the 6 words together. They make up me so they should all be connected in some way. I combined methods that I had used in the other pieces, like changing the opacities, making the word "small" feel small, making letters look like forms with the word "love" and creating letter paths.